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Newsletter 10 January 2018

A short newsletter but a couple of important messages.

For those gymnasts doing the NDP qualifying competition on 4th February the link to the video of the range and conditioning routine that gymnasts have to do is shown below along with a link to the additional information needed to ensure the routine can get the best marks:

English Championships and League Events 2018

I am just checking availability of our judges for these events so we know how many gymnasts we can put into each event.

Since last year we have lost 3 qualified officials as gymnasts have moved on to other clubs, or gone to University.  We are only going to have a small number of gymnasts that we can put into each event so just a heads up warning that gymnasts will be expected to get the maximum points or position to enable  spaces at future competitions to be given to other gymnasts. We are really desperate for new judges.    The latest club judge course to be published on the BG website is 10th February at Richmond.  (to find courses go to BG website and click on search a course then put in judging and trampoline in the appropriate boxes).

Dorking News

Advance warning that there will not be any training on Friday 30th March or Saturday 31st March. These will be the only closures at Easter.

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