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Newsletter 4 September 2017

Newsletter 4 September 2017

Before giving you news about past and future competitions I more details about the new British Gymnastics membership process.

On 1st October parents of gymnasts under 16 years and gymnasts (16 years and older) will have to renew their membership directly with BG either on the website or on the phone 0345 1297129.  As part of the process you must say which club (s) need to know your information and you have to search the list of clubs that you want to link too.  Gatwick Flyers is displayed with a short description and the logo so that should be easy.

BG are hoping to have the system up and running a few days earlier as the 1st is a Sunday (and competition day). Please make sure that membership is renewed within the first week.  BG send me a list of linked members so I will be able to see as and when the renewals occur.

National League

Congratulations to all who took part last weekend in Birmingham.  Well done to Emily Smith and Amber Stevens for their gold medals in trampoline and DMT respectively.  Kezia Mahony (DMT), Amber Stevens and Charlotte Dean-Grainger finished in top 8 spots.

The final qualifier is on 7/8 October at Gillingham and I have to submit the entry this Friday. Appealing for any judges for either the Saturday or Sunday. Please let me know by return as there are several gymnasts who want to compete namely Emily Smith, Amber Stevens, Sasha Khan.  Entry will be £40 and I will email gymnasts as soon as I know there is a judge available otherwise we wont be able to take part.

Surrey I/H/G  10th September  Royal Russell School  Coombe Lane Croydon    (Sat Nav  CR0 5RF)

Please arrive at 945 am for 10am start. Should finish around 1130am

Coach       Sophie Clift                           Judge  Kezia Mahony

Gymnasts         Lucy Barker   Molly Barker  Rebecca Brownlee  Hannah Collins   Jemima Collins  Laura Dampier  Roisin Furlong

Lily Hoather      Amy Jenns     Isla Mortimer    Isabella Powell   Aimee Richardson

Club clothing

All gymnasts should have at least a polo shirt and club rain jacket. Hoodies are available too.      At competitions gymnasts should wear polo with black leggings (girls) or black tracksuit trousers (boys) along with rain jacket to and from the competition.

To order there is a link on the club website    Drop down menu when clicking on our club shows club clothing link.  A change to the link from superstitch86 to will be done shortly but when you go to the macron site

hover over the club shop and we are the very bottom of the list.  Alternatively call them on 01424 852225.  Thanks to Angus Harper for pointing out the change that is required.
DMT (Dorking)
Hoping to set the DMT up this Friday (8th) so gymnasts can have a go.  Full landing zone should be arriving within 2 weeks. Once this arrives we can start sessions properly and organise groups etc
DMT (Hollington)
DMT should arrive in next couple of weeks.  Gymnasts will be able to link to Hollington DMT on their BG membership as the club has now been set up with a BG number.
Sessions resume this Wednesday.  All gymnasts should have received details of sessions as invoices for the first half of term were sent out last week.
Finally just a reminder for all that if Dorking based gymnasts need to change training days please email Jacqui as she is programme Director.

Newsletter 23 August 2017

Newsletter 23 August 2017

Newsletter this week lists all the gymnasts that Jacqui has selected for upcoming competitions.  Please can everyone check for my errors and if needed please email any questions about selection to Jacqui ( I am asking for entry fees to be paid to the Club account 402437 11407104 by next Wednesday (30th August ) at the latest as I have to submit entries next Thursday. If this is not possible due to holidays etc please email me to say that gymnasts will be available for the competition. Without either payment or email confirmation gymnasts will not be put in the competition.

If Officials could please check their availability and let me know if they cannot be at the competition that would be really helpful.

Surrey I/H/G Competition    10th September  Royal Russell School Croydon        ENTRY FEE  £10

Coach     Sophie Clift         Judges    Kezia Mahony   Kim Nash

I Grade    Emma Dudley     Ophelia McCluskey Gahan     Kashia Parsons     Bella Powell     Eloise Sullivan

H Grade  Lucy Barker    Molly Barker    Louise Bressler    Rebecca Brownlee   Hannah Collins    Jemima Collins  Laura Dampier

Roisin Furlong    Lily Hoather     Amy Jenns     Melissa Merrett      Isla Mortimer

G Grade   Brennah Creffield      Jasmine Hart    Freya Hodder    Sophia Riley

Robertsbridge gymnasts competing at I/H/G Grades have their next competition on 5th November at Hailsham.  The selection list will be produced mid September.

NDP 1 – 7  DMT  Competition    1st October  Jumpers Rebound Centre  Gillingham    ENTRY FEE  £15

Coaches    Jacqui Gevaux        Sophie Clift            Judge    Mike Gevaux

NDP 1     Sam Good      Sophie  Porter

NDP 2     William Mansfield

NDP 3  Lauren Hodder    Sasha Khan    Jack Wood

NDP 4  Lauren Preston

NDP 6  Jessica Hodder   Amber Stevens

Willow Braisby, Zara Hyland and Maddie Luke will be representing our sister club, Hollington DMT.  Their  NDP levels will be determined after training next week but please pay the entry fee to the Gatwick Flyers account listed at the beginning of the newsletter.

NDP 1 – 6   Trampoline Competition   1st October  Jumpers Rebound Centre  Gillingham   ENTRY FEE £15

Coaches     Jacqui Gevaux     Dawn Hyland   Sophie Clift       

Officials     Mike Gevaux   Hazel McMillan   Kim Nash     Steve Manning    Jo Pitchforth

NDP 1   Fern Brooks   Sophie Birch   Chiara Gasparetto   Sam Good    William Mansfield   Sophie Porter  James Rolfe

NDP 2   Millie Harper    Daisy Margolis   Molly McMillan      Libby Pitchforth     Oliver Williams    Jack Wood

NDP 3   Jonathan Brown    Romilly  Thomas

NDP 4   Sam Claydon    Lauren Hodder   Zara Hyland

NDP 5   Sasha Khan     Holly Webster

NDP 6   Charlotte  Dean-Grainger

I am unclear at this time whether gymnasts will have to perform the range and conditioning routine at this competition

Jessica Hodder,  Harvey Holden,  Lauren Preston,  Max Redding,  Emily Smith and Amber Stevens will all be competing at NDP Performance level for trampoline.  Both their qualifying competitions will be next Spring.

Newsletter 15 August 2017

Newsletter 15 August 2017

Short but sweet newsletter this week.

Changes in Data protection Laws mean that from 1st September parents (or gymnasts over 18) will have to renew British Gymnastics membership direct with BG themselves rather than the Club collecting BG fees from all gymnasts and passing them on. I am attending a training meeting on the 29th August when the new system will be fully explained to me so I can then email out how the system will work shortly after then.

DMT    Saturday 19th August  3pm to 430pm   Funabounds  Uckfield

Thank you to everyone who said they couldn’t make it to this session.  Time has now been confirmed so can I just ask that if you are coming just let me know as if there are less than 5 it is not viable.

No news about when the landing zone for the Dorking DMT will arrive.

NDP 1- 6 Competition 1st October at Gillingham and  Surrey I/H/G competition on 10th September at Royal Russell School Croydon

Selection lists for both these competitions will be emailed out in the next week.


Just emailed out to all that sessions will resume on the 6th and 7th September although just to tip you off the school have cancelled us on Thursday 14th September.

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